August 2017

Possessing a warm personality and masterful hands, the therapeutic skills of our Spa Manager Kabir have given him the opportunity to work in a number of top spas and hotels across the world for the past 18 years, including Italy, America and France. We took a moment to have a brief catch up with Kabir on life inside and outside our award-winning Spa Village in Bath.

How does Spa Village Bath differ to other spas you have worked at?

There are a number of unique aspects to our Spa Village, including the stunning Roman-style design, but the most exceptional element for me is having access to the wonderful natural resource of Bath’s spring waters. These natural thermal waters are packed with minerals and supply the three thermal baths in our Spa which our guests can bathe in. This is a truly unique spa experience in the city of Bath.

Who or what first inspired you to work in the spa and wellness industry?

When I was younger I studied medicine and worked as a part-time nurse in my first job where I developed a real passion for taking care of people. This inspired me to learn about the holistic approach to health and I achieved formal qualifications in aromatherapy, massage, beauty therapy, physiotherapy, homeopathy and aquatherapy. From this point on, I knew I was destined to work in the spa and wellness industry!

What new trends are you noticing in the world of Wellness?

I’ve noticed more and more guests are now looking for a complete wellness offering when they visit a spa - from nutritional advice to stress relieving activities. As a result of this, we recently introduced complimentary Tai Chi and Yoga classes at weekends, and our Head Chef has also created an exceptional wellness menu for those looking to enjoy something highly nutritious for lunch. These concepts all contribute to the wellbeing of our guests.

Do you have a particular favourite treatment at Spa Village?

That’s a tough question as I have so many! I love the YTL Hotels signature selection with the Malay influences, but if I had to choose one it would be Freedom - it’s a treatment like no other I have experienced and one I enjoy to perform on guests. It involves guiding the guest through a series of graceful moments and stretches in the therapeutic waters – it’s blissfully relaxing yet leaves you feeling revitalised.

Bath is such a beautiful city, what would your ideal day off consist of?

If my children are at home, then we love to head out early in the morning for a family walk in Bath. This way we get to see the beautiful sights at a quieter time of the day. Afterwards, we’d all go for leisurely breakfast together at one of the many independent cafés, before heading back home to spend time in the garden and perhaps having a BBQ in the afternoon – weather permitting!

Spa Village Bath can be enjoyed by residents and non-residents. Spa Days start at £150 per person.
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